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Is Qigong the same as
Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is a martial art, whereas Qigong is a collective term for various arts of energy, which may or may not be used for martial art purposes. Traditionally, Tai Chi makes extensive use of Qigong.
How does Qigong relate to Kung Fu?
All Kung Fu makes use of Qigong (energy training), to develop the internal force that elevates it from an external, mechanical level to a martial art. A martial arts master may appear gentle, yet if he wishes, he can cause much damage to his opponent with his internal force. This internal force does not diminish with age. Kung Fu training with Qigong enhances harmonious Qi flow, promoting health, vitality and longevity.

About Lohan Qigong

18 Lohan Qigong Lohan Qigong (also commonly spelled Chi Kung) was created 1500 years ago by Da Mo (Bodhidharma), the founder of Zen Buddhism. This gentle healing exercise is the "blueprint" for Shaolin Kung Fu from which other martial arts evolved or drew inspiration from... such as Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu, Taekwondo and Tai Chi.

Da Mo spent nine years in meditation in a cave. Fatigue, aches and pains, and the adverse environment around his mountain retreat, disrupted Da Mo's meditation. He devised a set of exercises based on Indian yoga, Chinese exercises of the time, and his own observations of the natural movements of wild animals to combat these problems.

This set of exercises, known as the "18 Lohan Qigong", evolved into 173 movements, forming the basis of Shaolin Kung Fu, and influencing the development of all branches of Asian martial arts.

The Shaolin Temple and martial arts were banned during the Qing Dynasty. Lohan Qigong was kept a Shaolin secret until the Temple was invaded about 200 years ago. Choy Fook, a monk who survived this Shaolin Temple massacre, became Chan Heung's mentor. Chan Heung mastered the whole Shaolin system of Kung Fu including the Qigong exercises and medical knowledge.

Lohan Qigong sets form a comprehensive system of progressively more advanced techniques towards gaining complete mastery of ones Qi, or vital energy. They have been passed exclusively through five generations of the Chan Family lineage Choy Lee Fut from Chan Heung to Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa.