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Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Classes

Pad training
3 star banging arms drill (Da Sam Sing)

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu sets are strong and fast, designed to condition the body, increase stamina, and benefit the muscle and bone structure. Some of the forms students will learn are:

  • Traditional fist forms, both solo and two person sparring sets
  • Traditional weapons, including the broadsword, staff, spear, fan, and kwan dou
  • Shaolin wooden dummy forms for hand techniques and weapons
  • Sand bag techniques and forms

Lion Dance movements are also taught to students after they learn basic kung fu footwork and techniques.

2009 Chinese New Years parade

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu helps students develop:

  • Fitness
  • Balance and coordination
  • Strength
  • Self-defense
  • Confidence
  • Self-control

Our classes are taught at all levels of Kung Fu, for the whole family.