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Fun Fact

Choy Lee Fut is one of the fighting styles used by the Outworld ninja Ermac in the Mortal Kombat video game series.

About Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

Chop Choy (stabbing fist) Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu (also commonly spelled Choy Li Fut or Choi Lay Fut) is one of the most widely practiced Kung Fu styles in the world. Outside of China and Hong Kong, it has a strong following in the USA and Canada, and is fast gaining popularity across Europe and South America. Well known for long range techniques, speed, and power, it combines the strong hand techniques characteristized in southern styles with the versatile kicks found in the north.

Choy Lee Fut has a tradition deeply rooted within the Shaolin martial arts. It is distinguished from other southern styles by its long, swinging, circular movements, twisting body motions and mobile footwork. Chan Family Choy Lee Fut emphasizes a soft, loose, flexible waist and angled torso to reduce the target area exposed to opponents.

Chan Heung spent over 20 years learning from his three teachers before combining his knowledge into one effective and comprehensive system in 1836. Chan Family Choy Lee Fut focuses on the intelligent use of strength and the combination of external force with the internal will.